Episode 014: The Prime Minister Who Could Not Have a Biscuit

Episode 014

You know what's hard? Talking about comedy without ruining all the jokes. So you get a very unfunny appraisal of Stewart Lee's very funny current tour. Nathan went to see Blade Runner: The Final Cut. Thrill to his intimate knowledge of '80s studio politics and variant cuts. No writing to talk about, so instead you get extra Politics Christmas, Nath's London Marathon, and why Sarah gets stressed about looking at art.

Episode 013: Game of Fish

Dun-dun, da-da dun-dun, da-da dun-dun, da-da dun. YES GAME OF THRONES IS BACK AND SARAH CAN'T HELP SINGING THE THEME TUNE. Will she be able to have a ten-minute chat with Nath without spoiling anything to come in the series? The latest edition of the LRB has an excellent report from Grimsby, where Ukip are winning popularity in the ruins of the fishing industry. And in things we've written this week, Sarah has dealt with the lethal crisis in migration in the Mediterranean, and Nathan has written about forthcoming game Everybody's Gone to the Rapture and very British apocalypses.

Episode 012: Dinner with Daredevil

Daredevil has arrived on Netflix – we find out if the latest part of the ever-expanding Marvel universe is any good. Who cooked Adam Smith's dinner? The new book from Katrine Marçal answers this question, and in the process uncovers the missing piece of economics. And in this week's writing, Sarah has been wondering whether sex offenders really are made by their genes, and Nathan has been exploring fantamystical worlds. Yes, fantamystical is a real word. Or it should be.

Episode 009: Druid Clowns for President

Episode 009

Great, tear-streaked excitement as Sarah finally gets to the Sleater-Kinney gig she's been waiting TEN RUDDY YEARS for (and takes Nathan along too). The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is Tina Fey's new sitcom on Netflix: females are strong as hell, but are the jokes too? And Sarah's been doing her best to destroy the Green Party, while Nathan's been writing about Little Baby Bums.

Episode 008: Paris Was A Woman, Pratchett Was A Man

Episode 008

This week, it's art, escape and women loving women on the Left Bank at the Bristol Women's Literature Festival. Then Sarah and Nathan say their farewells to Terry Pratchett, and wonder how he managed to have more ideas on a page than most people have in a lifetime. And in writing, Sarah has had a pop at Jeremy Clarkson, King of the Idiots, while Nathan's been figuring out his verdict on Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.

Episode 006: Canon Fodder

Episode 006

This week Nathan and Sarah contemplate the rise of the robots as a new wave of automation threatens to supplant the middle classes (not us!) and then talk sports and sports writing in light of a visit to watch Barcelona in the Champions League. Then, with Neill Blomkamp set to right the wrongs of Alien 3 and Resurrection, there's talk of canon and the reasons fans cling so tightly to 'official' versions of fictional events.

Episode 005: Three Bags Saul

Episode 005

It's time to LWYRUP: every Breaking Bad fan's favourite attorney at law (well, semi-law) is back in Better Call Saul, and the court of Ditum is in session to deliver its verdict. Also dipped in justice is Aardman's new feature animation, Shaun The Sheep Movie, while the things we've written this week touches on proposed amendments to the UK's abortion laws, and the issue of stars in video games.

Episode 002: Political Correctness and the Precious

This week on The Mispronounced Item Sarah and Nathan discuss political correctness with reference to the no platforming of Kate Smurthwaite by the Goldmsmiths University Feminist Society, and to Stewart Lee vomiting into the gaping anus of Christ. Then thing get really gruesome as Nathan talks about seeing out The Hobbit trilogy at the cinema, a Middling-earth he'll not be returning to see, before a closing look at the cultural devastation caused by an all-female Ghostbusters update.

Episode 001: Fascism and Fixers

In the first episode of The Mispronounced Item, Sarah and Nathan discuss the upcoming Oscars and in particular best picture contenders Whiplash and Birdman, both of which explore the cost of performing. Book talk takes in Cormac McCarthy's Child Of God and Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel, and we finish with a discussion of the BBC adaptation of Wolf Hall and the unregulated capitalism of FIFA Ultimate Team.