Episode 023: Tresspassport To Pimlico

Episode 23

We went to see Mark Thomas do his new show about trespassing! That was good, so there's some chat about that and how it reminds Nath of his own experiences re-walking London. Then Sarah has read techno-conspiracy thrill-ride Whiskey Tango Foxtrot by David Shafer and Nath has read Climbers by M John Harrison, so there's some chat about that. And then there's some more chat about things that we have been writing this week (Sarah: drinking in pregnancy and how it's weird that everyone is always telling women what to do; Nath: FIFA as an exemplar structural sexism), and also what Steve Hogarty has written, which is a brilliant piece about going to St Petersberg to play a game and having a terrible time. Then we answer some of your questions, and then there is NO MORE CHAT UNTIL NEXT TIME BYE.